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*Schedule a full detail and get a complementary engine bay cleaning.*

($80 Value)

Schedule a full detail and get a complementary engine bay cleaning.

Add Dr. Beasley’ s Fabric Guard On Carpet and Upholstery for $50


All Carpet & Upholstery Deep Cleaned

Stain Removal

Meticulous Interior Detail Cleaning

Door Jamb Cleaning

Trunk and Spare Tire Area

Paint Sealant (3-6 month)

Tire & Plastic Dressing

Headliner Gently Cleaned

Hand Wash

Clay Bar Treatment

Leather/Vinyl Seats Cleaned and Conditioned

Remove Tar & Sap

One Step Polish to Restore Shine

Inside Our Hand Car Wash Process

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Prepare your vehicle for detailing by removing all personal items

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Multiple Car Discount

Get 20% OFF any additional vehicles. This includes vehicles of friends and extended family. Detail socially and save.

Elderly Discount

Customers 65 years or older get 10% OFF

Military Discount

Get 10% OFF any services with military card or veteran status.

Maintenance Discount

Bring the same car back in 3 months and save 40%, 6 months and save 20%, 12 months and save 10%

Frequently Asked Questions

An interior detail can take 5+ hours of active labor to complete. One of the most important considerations is drying time. Generally we’re going to ask you to drop off the vehicle in the morning around 8:30am and pick it up at the end of the workday around 5pm. If the vehicle is in really dirty conditions, we may need to use more cleaning power and water to complete and we recommend leaving the vehicle overnight to allow it to fully dry and avoid any moisture problems, especially during wet and cold seasons. When ozone treatment is necessary we may need to keep the vehicle overnight to allow time for the ozone to work.

We recommend getting a car interior deep clean at least once a year for a total reset of the interior. You can get it done more often at a lower price with our maintenance discounts. This would allow you to enjoy a fresh clean interior more often throughout the year. We recommend regular light maintenance such as vacuuming, dusting, and decluttering of trash and other items that should not be there in between details.

A clay bar is a putty like material that we rub across the paint to exfoliate and remove any embedded contaminants. As the clay glides across the painted surface it grabs on to these contaminants and safely removes them. Like skin, paint is full of pores that collect dirt and eventually will make your paint feel rough even after washing. Before claying we thoroughly wash the vehicle and utilize iron particle removers. Despite this thorough washing process we can still see all these contaminants coming off into the clay when we use it. This process is very important before waxing or polishing to ensure we have a perfectly clean surface to promote proper bonding with the sealant or to prevent the polishing pads from becoming clogged or grinding those contaminants into the paint.

We recommend getting a clay bar treatment exterior detail at least once a year for a refresh of the exterior paint, although this may vary depending on where you park your vehicle and if you live near any industrial areas. You can get it done more often at a lower price with our maintenance discounts mentioned above. This would allow you to enjoy a fresh clean exterior more often throughout the year. We recommend regular light maintenance such as proper hand washing and spray waxes in between details.

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Review Highlights

Alexander Bacu
Alexander Bacu
Been coming here for the past few years, between routine washing and paint correction jobs, Cesar and his team have been nothing short of amazing and happily willing to teach and educate. I've since moved to Montana but every time I'm in the area to visit, I make sure to make an appointment specifically to do work with Cesar. Thank you for always keeping my truck looking better than the day I got it man!!
Awesome World-Class Detailing Experience by Cesar and the OlympiClean Team! This is a place you can 100% Trust with every detail of your vehicle. I feel so fortunate to have finally found a complete and professional detailing service. Thank you for making life so much better with the work you do!
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim
Had a great experience with OlympiClean Auto Detail, Cesar is the man! Very professional, knowledgeable, and honest. Very understanding and open to answering any questions about car care. Would comeback for future services!
Carol Hubbell
Carol Hubbell
A carsickness event needed immediate attention. Cesar got me in right away and put in extra effort to make sure the smell was eliminated. He even made it possible for me to charge my phone while I waited for the extraction to dry.
Craig I
Craig I
Wow, just wow! I didn’t think my paint could look this good! Ceramic coat is the bomb! Thank you!
Philip Scott
Philip Scott
I had a wonderful experience with this detailing service! Cesar explained everything ahead of time and the car looked absolutely wonderful when it was done, better than brand new! I will definitely use this company again!
Evan Keeling
Evan Keeling
Cesar was super friendly and did a great job on my tiny car. Above and beyond service and my car's never looked better.
McKenzie Strickland
McKenzie Strickland
Cesar and team were absolutely incredible. I could not recommend them enough. They were so kind and my car as never looked better! We already booked another appointment to come back! Thank you all so much!
Shane Kelleher
Shane Kelleher
These guys do absolutely fantastic work! They make your car look brand new. Don't bother looking anywhere else, these guys are the best!
I wish Google had a 6th star for this quality of service. The team at OlympiClean absolutely outdid themselves in professionalism, expertise, and customer care. I will be working with them from now on and recommending them to anyone who needs services done. Thank you!


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