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    Who We Are

    As car detailing professionals we’re here to offer you the detailing, ceramic coating and paint protection film services you need to make your car look beautiful and keep it that way. We have a team of hard working professionals equipped with powerful tools and experience. Most importantly, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and peace of mind – guaranteed. Whether you have a modest daily driver or exotic car we are experienced and set up to handle any job, and want you to enjoy the comfort of knowing your vehicle is in good hands and a safe environment.

    Our Story

    Established in early 2019. OlympiClean Auto Detail began as a solo mobile detail operation with nothing more than a strong desire to render quality work and a love for impressing people with what their vehicles could look like. Quality has been the success of this business from the very beginning and quickly grew to a physical location with the founder and two other quality detailers providing exceptional results every time. OlympiClean Auto Detail continues to expand in the quality and type of services available and focuses on utilizing the best products and techniques in the industry.


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    Meet The Owner

    Cesar is a proud Husband and Father, and is driven by love to provide for his beautiful family. His family migrated to the US from Mexico when he was 9 years old in pursuit of living the American Dream. Cesar grew up in Oregon since and though he’s had to live out of state a couple times, home always calls him back. Cesar is known for having an excellent eye for detail and an unstoppable desire to do the best work possible. Cesar has been successful in various industries, including insurance, financial services, and marketing. Regardless, after running into the world of auto detailing Cesar has decided to put aside the shirt and tie and explore new ventures. Cesar has now brought his passion for auto detailing to the market, and is now serving many happy clients by providing them with the high quality services they need.


    Car Detailing in Hillsboro, Oregon

    Restore the glory of your vehicle with our auto detailing services. Whether you need an interior deep clean or our Paint Correction service to remove minor scratches and swirls we’ve got you covered! Over time, your vehicle’s paintwork and interior surfaces are exposed to grit, grime, and contamination. If not remedied, those messes will damage interior and exterior surfaces causing your vehicle to lose its luster. Here at OlympiClean Auto Detail, we provide professional vehicle detailing for all areas of your ride!

    Ceramic Coatings

    Simplify your daily maintenance routine like never before with a hydrophobic ceramic coatings! Our customers have the luxury of selecting a comprehensive paint protection package, featuring Gtechniq ceramic coatings, among other add-on coating services that further enhance your paintwork’s gloss.

    Ceramic Coatings in Hillsboro, Oregon

    Elevate the protection of your vehicle with our premium ceramic coatings in Hillsboro, Oregon. Our advanced ceramic coating services offer unparalleled durability and shine, ensuring your vehicle stays pristine in the face of everyday wear and tear.

    At our Hillsboro location, we specialize in applying cutting-edge ceramic coatings that create a barrier against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and minor scratches. Whether you’re a car enthusiast looking to preserve your prized possession or a daily commuter aiming to maintain the value of your vehicle, our ceramic coatings provide long-lasting protection and a showroom-quality finish.

    Experience Vehicle Perfection At OlympiClean Auto Detailing Facilities

    Automobiles are some of the most important possessions in our lives and we long to protect and perfect their appearance and functionality. At OlympiClean Auto Detail our team of highly trained professionals use the latest tools and techniques to clean, polish, and protect every inch of your car. We know how to get the job done right, and we take pride in providing our customers with the best possible service.

    Whether you drive a contemporary four-door sedan, a classic car with character and history, a high-tech sports car, or a two-wheeled iron horse of a motorcycle, our paint protectionceramic coatingwindow tint, and automotive detailing teams here at OlympiClean Auto Detail are always prepared to help you achieve that ever-elusive image of perfection in your mind’s eye. Our automotive detailing efforts are restorativepreventative, and sought after by many communities surrounding the greater Portland Metro area. These include:

    OlympiClean Auto Detail and all of the valued employees we have working with us value workmanship, ethics, and customer satisfaction equal to product quality and end results. No matter what your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or other vehicle 

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    Review Highlights

    Alexander Bacu
    Alexander Bacu
    Been coming here for the past few years, between routine washing and paint correction jobs, Cesar and his team have been nothing short of amazing and happily willing to teach and educate. I've since moved to Montana but every time I'm in the area to visit, I make sure to make an appointment specifically to do work with Cesar. Thank you for always keeping my truck looking better than the day I got it man!!
    Awesome World-Class Detailing Experience by Cesar and the OlympiClean Team! This is a place you can 100% Trust with every detail of your vehicle. I feel so fortunate to have finally found a complete and professional detailing service. Thank you for making life so much better with the work you do!
    Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim
    Had a great experience with OlympiClean Auto Detail, Cesar is the man! Very professional, knowledgeable, and honest. Very understanding and open to answering any questions about car care. Would comeback for future services!
    Carol Hubbell
    Carol Hubbell
    A carsickness event needed immediate attention. Cesar got me in right away and put in extra effort to make sure the smell was eliminated. He even made it possible for me to charge my phone while I waited for the extraction to dry.
    Craig I
    Craig I
    Wow, just wow! I didn’t think my paint could look this good! Ceramic coat is the bomb! Thank you!
    Philip Scott
    Philip Scott
    I had a wonderful experience with this detailing service! Cesar explained everything ahead of time and the car looked absolutely wonderful when it was done, better than brand new! I will definitely use this company again!
    Evan Keeling
    Evan Keeling
    Cesar was super friendly and did a great job on my tiny car. Above and beyond service and my car's never looked better.
    McKenzie Strickland
    McKenzie Strickland
    Cesar and team were absolutely incredible. I could not recommend them enough. They were so kind and my car as never looked better! We already booked another appointment to come back! Thank you all so much!
    Shane Kelleher
    Shane Kelleher
    These guys do absolutely fantastic work! They make your car look brand new. Don't bother looking anywhere else, these guys are the best!
    I wish Google had a 6th star for this quality of service. The team at OlympiClean absolutely outdid themselves in professionalism, expertise, and customer care. I will be working with them from now on and recommending them to anyone who needs services done. Thank you!


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